Goldco Review


Goldco is a privately held firm specializing in helping people protect their retirement savings. Goldco acts as a broker for gold and silver, but what sets them apart from others in the industry is they also provide their clients with an exceptional advisory service, both when buying precious metals and later on in retirement when it is time to liquidate. 

Why Invest in Precious Metals?

Investing in precious metals such as gold and silver offers many advantages to an astute investor. Adding precious metals to your retirement plan is a superb way to easily obtain a hands off diversified portfolio. Both gold and silver offer almost guaranteed growth and safety to your retirement. 

Precious metals are also one of the best assets to hedge against stock market volatility. The stock market fluctuates wildly, and while in retirement, the last thing one wants is watching their fortune dwindle. As is often the case with retirees who only invest in stocks, a withdrawal at a market low is not something that can be recovered from. This is why gold makes the perfect hedge for a retirement plan. 

The value of gold, while quite stable, does indeed fluctuate. But what makes it unique is that it typically fluctuates in the opposite direction of the stock market. During a stock market recession, and there will often be at least two recessions during an average person’s retirement, is when gold values tend to rise the most. As Goldco points out, it makes the perfect asset to add to a retirement plan.

In addition to protecting against stock market fluctuations, gold also acts as a great hedge against inflation. Federal Reserve Chief Jay Powell has already stated in his January 2022 speech that inflation is not going to be transitory but is indeed here to stay for an extended period of time. As the purchasing power of the dollar decreases, the relative value of gold will stay stable. In an inflationary environment, there is historically no better asset to hold than precious metals. 

We are currently living in unprecedented times, with political and economic instability permeating our institutions. Our research has concluded there is no better firm out there that provides the stability of gold and silver assets than Goldco. 

What Makes Gold Valuable?

Gold has been used as a store of value for centuries. Over the centuries it has never significantly dropped in value. Simply put, gold and other precious metals are valuable due to their unique properties. They are relatively rare, do not rust or corrode, and are easily identifiable when smelted to a pure state.

Ancient gold coins

What Makes Goldco Unique?

While it is true there are dozens of firms specializing in gold and silver brokerage services, and many of them are indeed quite reputable, Goldco stands out because of the top notch advisory services it provides to its clients. Each client is assigned an account specialist that assists with buying, selling, and even IRA and 401k rollovers. 

Through an initial consultation, the account specialist will assess the client’s portfolio and goals. The specialist will educate the client on how precious metals could fit into their portfolio and the benefits that the client would see. 

What Services Does Goldco Provide?

Goldco is a brokerage firm for both gold and silver. In addition to brokerage services, they will coordinate with the custodian company that will physically hold your assets, including filling out all of the required paperwork. Goldco also has long standing relationships with all of the largest and most popular IRA and 401k administrators and will easily handle all of the paperwork for rollovers. For retirees, Goldco also will help liquidate your assets in an efficient manner from the custodian company. 

What Products does Goldco Offer?

Gold IRA

Goldco has a suite of resources to help you set up a gold IRA.

Silver IRA

In addition to gold, they also will set up a silver IRA. 

401k Rollover

They will assist in rolling over some or all of your 401k to gold or silver. 

IRA Planning

Goldco will provide you with tools to figure out whether a traditional or Roth IRA is best for your unique situation.

SEP IRA Planning

Goldco provides resources for business owners to set up plans for their employees. 

Simple IRA Planning

Goldco also has a suite of resources specifically for small business owners and their employees.

How Does an IRA Work?

The core of Goldco’s business is helping clients put gold and silver in a retirement account. IRAs and 401ks are taxed in a way that makes them extremely efficient when saving for retirement. No taxes are due until the assets are pulled from the account in retirement. This tax treatment saves many thousands of dollars over their lifetime. As most people get close to retirement, most can benefit from having precious metals in their portfolios as a hedge against uncertainty.

Why is Gold an Especially Good Investment Now?

In today’s uncertain times, gold and silver may be an especially important asset to hold in your portfolio. Precious metals are synonymous with stability, and stability seems to be something in very short supply. 

The US Dollar is often viewed as the world’s reserve currency. It is well known that the US is facing an inflation crisis, which will weaken the purchasing power of the US Dollar. As the power of the reserve currency decreases, people not just in the United States, but around the world, are likely to flock to the security of gold and other precious metals. 

The large US trade and budget deficits along with an unusually large increase in the money supply during the last decade will continue to erode the US Dollar for the foreseeable future, which will result in increasing demand, and thus prices, for gold and silver. It is highly likely that the price of gold will never again be as low as it is today. Unlike paper currency and other commodities, gold has a history of holding its value, and even rising, during economic crises. 

Why is Gold So Important in Diversification?

Diversification means more than just having an assortment of different assets in a portfolio. A portfolio can have several different stocks or even mutual funds and still not be diversified. The key to diversification is to have assets that tend to be pulled in different directions during market events or conditions. During boom times of high economic activity and success, certain tech stocks may skyrocket, while other more mundane stocks may stagnate. 

What makes gold so unique and so needed in a diversification strategy is that it tends to move in the opposite direction of almost all other assets, and what’s more, tends to move the most when things are the worst. In the event of a stock market crash, gold becomes an extremely valuable asset to hold in your portfolio. 

Stock market crash

In these uncertain times, with geopolitical tensions rising around the world, unknowns such as migrations and water shortages due to global warming and climate change, supply chain uncertainties due to a global pandemic, political instability, and fears of an overvalued stock market, gold is simply the best to hedge against all of these risks. 

Adding to today’s uncertainty, there are rising fears among economic experts that the wildly unpredictable and volatile cryptocurrency market may cause additional wild swings and strains on our economic and monetary systems. 

Although gold and other precious metals can be volatile in the short term, they have always not only held their value, but have consistently gone up in the long term. 

What is Goldco’s Process Like?

“From Goldco’s website, we entered our email address and phone number in order to receive a free informational kit. A rep called us a few minutes later to get our address and walk us through a brief consultation. The whole process was easy, stress free, and informative. 

After briefly asking about our current assets, investing goals, risk tolerances, and future plans, our account representative educated us on the basics of gold and silver IRAs. 

After our kit arrived, which was filled with lots of information, we thoroughly went through all of our retirement assets. Seeing as how we were almost 100% invested in the stock market and nearing retirement, we decided a precious metals IRA would benefit us. 

We set up another telephone appointment with our account representative and he patiently walked us through the rest of the process. We had an old IRA that we decided to transfer into a gold IRA. He took care of all the paperwork and contacted the brokerage firm that held our assets.

Within a couple of weeks, our assets were liquidated, and the cash was transferred to Goldco. The paperwork for our new gold IRA was also set up by our account representative. We got a very fair price for our new gold and received proof it was being held safely and securely at our custodian facility. 

Going forward, we will still be assigned to our same account representative in case we wish to purchase more gold or liquidate our gold if we need it. The whole process was simple and stress free.

Our overall experience was very positive and we do recommend Goldco for anyone serious about hedging their retirement plan against uncertainty.”

– Goldco Customer

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